C.P.K (鄒 北 記) 4 VS 1 DEVELOPMENT (發展隊)

C.P.K (鄒 北 記) 4 VS 1 DEVELOPMENT (發展隊)

In the forth round, CPK faced the Development team with the responsibility to win after losing in the previous round. The match did not started well, with the Development scoring a free-kick in their first attack. The goal forced CPK to attack, but the team was disorganized, controlling the ball but not having any chance. The team started to control their nerves and finally Diego scored after a corner kicked by Bruno. The first half ended 1×1, and it was very pity that the referee gave the first fault for CPK only at the minute 33, with the total of 6 faults to CPK during the whole match. At the second half, CPK controlled better the midfield, Weng Hou did not give up a seeming lost ball and scored the second goal. Later Weng Hou headed a ball to Wai to score the third, and Bruno closed the score in 4×1 with a penalty-kick.

Well done CPK!


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