C.P.K. (鄒 北 記 ) 3 VS 3 POLICIA (警察)

C.P.K. (鄒 北 記 ) 3 VS 3 POLICIA (警察)

Dream team or Nightmare team?

Another lesson to be learned by CPK squad. A draw more than bitter against the tireless team of Police. The game started with the teams studying each other, but from the minute 10, the game seemed a defense against attack training. CPK scored three goals, but it would not be impossible to have finished the first part with a favorable score of five or six goals. Then came the second part, then the Police moved the team forwards since after all they had nothing more to lose. As they say “the ball punishes”, a nice shoot after an individual failure, a defensible trick ball and a penalty kick gave the Police team the unbelievable draw. CPK even regained control of the game, but the strength of the team vanished and it was too late to recover from it.

Notes: (i) At this time Monte Carlo and Ka I should be thanking CPK for missing the chance to take the second place in the table. (ii) The arbitration once again failed to give a clear penalty in favor of CPK, but this can not justify the fall of the team in the second half.

CPK is a team in search of affirmation in the first division. We must learn from our mistakes, become stronger and keep working hard because we still have more hits than misses.

Now we have a break, which CPK will we see at the rest of the season, the dream team or the nightmare team? Come on CPK, go go!


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