C.P.K. (鄒北記) 0 VS 4 BENFICA (賓菲加)

C.P.K. (鄒 北 記) 0 VS 4 BENFICA ( 賓 菲 加 )

A final score that did not reflect what was the match. A first time played well, where the clear favorite Benfica held the ball, but not transformed into goals, and suffered from the counter attacks of CPK. At the end of the first half, a draw that deserved goals to celebrate the quality of the match. Came the second half and a own-goal facilitated the work of Benfica. CPK had the opportunity to draw the game, but suffered the second goal. The second goal, added to loss of our principal defender and a midfielder for injury and the low morale gave to Benfica the control of the game. CPK was powerless to react, but still have time to see the mess of the referee that ignored two clear faults in the third and fourth goals. Referees need to lose the fear of whistle against rich teams, better interpret the rules of the game and better use the cards.

Lessons of the game: – The team has not learned to deal with the adverse score. It is not easy, especially for a team that combines experience, youth, full-time professionals and players who work and study, but we should learn to make the team more compact in those situations and then regain the confidence, reorganize and fight to revert the score. – Unfortunately many of our players have to work or study, but if we could individually pay more attention of our physical condition and try harder to attend at least one session with ball, we would have much more chances to stay at top 3. – For the players waiting for a chance, they can not be discouraged, they have to be ready to play when an opportunity appears. – Our young players are improving a lot, do not give up and work hard to maintain regularity.


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