C.P.K (鄒北記) 2 VS 0 CHUAC LUN (雀聯)

C.P.K (鄒北記) 2 VS 0 CHUAC LUN (雀聯)

CPK back to victory! After two negative results, CPK need to win, in order to restore the confidence and show that the good football played up to now, was not an accident. In the first half, CPK controlled the game but was not able to score. Even worst, the opponent had the sharpest chance but the ball touch the post and went out. Came the second half, the pressure for the victory increased and it was clear affecting the players. Despite of being disorganized at various moments, the team never gave up and the reward came in the last minutes. The sense of relief came, and even better, still time to score the second goal. The final score was 2-0 (Pedro and Wai).


The game seemed easy, but it became complicated. The opponent composed of local players followed their strategy knowing their limitations since the beginning of the match. Positive, perseverance not to give up and try the result until the end. Negative, some disorganization and anxiety at various moments of the match. It is not permissible that the players forgot what has been agreed and try to decide the game by themselves individually. The goals came out of simple moves, result of team work. The communication in hard times like this should improve, this is not about “YOU” and “I”, it is about “WE”.

The next game will be harder, with a more confident Casa de Portugal and their new players. Time to work hard and prepare for the next game.

Keep going CPK!


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