C.P.K. (鄒 北 記) 2 VS 3 W. A. KA. I (名門世家加義)

C.P.K. (鄒 北 記) 2 VS 3 W. A. KA. I (名門世家加義)

Another exciting match against Ka I, and unfortunately the same result. Until the 83 minutes of the match, Benfica would become leader despite the draw in the first match of the round,  but the richer opponent was efficient and scored twice at the last 10 minutes of the match.  CPK started the game and took two dangerous attacks, but Ka I scored first through a free kick. Despite being behind, CPK continued playing well and creating several opportunities. Then came the second half, CPK kept playing well and scored twice: a beautiful goal with CPK players ignoring the experienced defense, and a fabulous free kick. CPK continued to create but ended up being penalized for not knocking out the opponent. Two clear missed chances, exhausted players, two replacements for injured and the punishment came. Lack of attention with some collaboration from CPK’s goalkeeper, gave Ka I the chance they need: 2×2. The moment moved to Ka I, and in a reckless fault, Ka I got the opportunity to scored the winning goal at minute 93.  Final result CPK 2 (Diego and Bruno) x 3 Ka I.

In one of the best matches up to now, CPK showed a lot of positive stuff, and must continue working hard to reap the rewards in future. Go Go CPK.


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