POLICIA (警察) 0 VS 6 C.P.K. (鄒 北 記 )

POLICIA (警察) 0 VS 6 C.P.K. (鄒 北 記 )

CPK learned its lesson. After a bitter draw at the first round, CPK did not repeat the same mistakes. A goal at the very beginning and a red card for one of the defenders of Policia made things easier to CPK squad. CPK scored three goals at the first half, and the only attack of Policia was blocked nicely by CPK’s goalkeeper. The second half came and three more goals were scored, with other three clear shots missed.The final score was 6 x 0 (Tak Wai, Bruno 2,  Diego, Weng Hou, Under and Ka Seng).
Note: The battle for the third place. CPK moved back to the forth position but now with the same number of points of the third, Monte Carlo. Sporting is only one point behind. Monte Carlo will play Sporting, Lai Chi and CPK, Sporting will play Monte Carlo, Lai Chi and Development, and CPK will play Lai Chi, Benfica and Monte Carlo. It seems Sporting has the advantage to play two less complicated matches. It will be an excited ending!
Come on CPK, keep going!!! The third is a very possible objective!!

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