C.P.K. (鄒 北 記) 3 VS 1 MONTE CARLO (蒙地卡羅)

C.P.K. (鄒 北 記) 3 VS 1 MONTE CARLO (蒙地卡羅)

In the racing for the 3rd place, CPK needed a two-goals difference win against one strong opponent, Monte Carlo. Moreover, a draw would mean losing the 4th position to Sporting. Not fair to CPK’s season. The scenario was not very good to CPK, since Monte Carlo won 2:1 in the first round, and Sporting had a potential easier last match to play. However, CPK showed its power and dominated the match from the beginning to the end. CPK opened the score with a indirect free kick, Bruno touched the ball and Diego scored, and the first half finished with CPK looking for the second goal. The second half started with CPK in control, but a free kick for Monte Carlo gave them the draw, 1:1. Worst than allowing a goal in a controlled match, the nightmare of losing the third and forth position at once became very real. However, CPK regained the momentum and start putting pressure against Monte Carlo. A clear penalty kick in Tak Wai, and scored by Diego, put CPK 2:1 ahead. Finally the CPK Power could be felt later one with a third and incredible goal. Ronaldo started the movement at the defense, with Diego receiving the pass and scoring his hat-trick in the match: CPK 3 vs 1 Monte Carlo.

CPK did it! CPK won the race for the 3rd position! Congratulations all for this achievement!

Very Well Done!!!


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