MVP 2015 is from CPK!

The icing on the cake for CPK’s 2015 season was the choice of Patriot Diego for the MVP of the season. Even more, Tak Wai was the first runner up for the Best U-23 player, and Inacio was the first runner up for Best Coach.

Stephen, Inacio and San Ma took the opportunity to compliment Diego as well as the whole team:

“Congratulations Diego! And I would like to take this chance to thanks all the players,coaches and staff. You guys made CPK as powerful as it is. Apart from  Diego, everyone has done a very good job and I’m so proud of you guys as well as CPK power. I love you all.  CPK CPK CPK 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉!!!

Congratulations to Diego for MVP, Fei for 1st runner-up in the below 23 players division, and also all the players for the good season result. Actually, all the titles are from your work hard, everyone deserves to have these titles! Enjoy the happiness, don’t need to worry about the next season so early:) last but not the least, it was such an honor for me to receive the 1st runner-up title of the best coach, I would not have it without all of you! Thank you!”

“新馬仔: 恭喜CPK ,今日又多一個MVP🎉⚽️🎉⚽️🎉⚽️”

This was a very positive season for CPK, and there is much more to come!!! Well done guys! 


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