MACAU F.A. CUP: 德晉加義 -TAK CHUN KA I 0 (4) VS 0 (3) 鄒北記 – CPK (Final)

The final of Macau F.A. Cup was against a well-known opponent: Ka I. A hard match as usual, with the opponent repeating the same tactics to block our creative players. Ka I, in fact lost two gold chances to win: a penalty kick lost and a head in a very close range. The match ended 0x0, then followed by penalty kicks. Domingos caught one, but CPK lost two, losing the chance to get the championship.

Nobody likes to lose, but looking back the whole season, this was an important result and an award for this year.

CPK had a very strong beginning at the League, but several injuries and the lost of focus in a certain period removed from us the chance to reach higher. At the end of the season, we regained energy and power, playing good matches at the Cup, including beating Benfica.

Congratulations guys! Time to rest and recharge for the next season.

Go Go CPK!! CPK Power rules!!




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