CPK Soccer Team Press Conference

CPK hold its first ever press conference on January 10th 2017 at Grande Lab. (Click  2017cpkchipor).

The conference started with the speech of Mr. Stephen Chow (Chairman of CPK), followed by Mr. Inacio Hui (Director of Football), then Mr. K.S. Leung (Head Coach) and Mr. Domingos Kong (Director of Grande Lab). The Chairman recalled that CPK started nine years ago and this is the fifth year playing at the Liga de Elite (1st Division) of the Associação de Futebol de Macau. Besides all the challenges encountered during these years, CPK had been worked hard to keep high competitiveness by providing support and opportunities to local players to improve their skills with the mix of more experienced and professional players, and therefore also contributing to the development of soccer in Macau.

Mr. Inacio Hui discussed his new challenges in his new position as director of football. While he may provide support to the coaches, he will be also focusing in the work of the players in the youth categories.

Mr. Leung, the new head coach, introduced Mr. Kenneth Kowk and Mr. Manuel Cunha as his assistant coaches and discussed the difficulties during the pre-season due to the several soccer events and extra activities of the players.

Mr. Domingos Kong, then discussed the successful partnership with CPK which started with the supply of uniforms, and now with the implementation of the CPK Training Center which aims to promote soccer in Macau.

At the end, no time for regrets, but time for work harder and aiming always for victories. Go Go CPK! CPK Power should rule again!!

Click to watch in TDM (Chinese).

Click to see Macau Daily (Chinese).


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