C.P.K. 5 vs. 1 Development

The opponent of the second round of CPK was the Development team. CPK started the match very distracted to say the least, giving the Development team the chance to open the score at the 6′. It is something that happened also at the second part of the last season. Fortunately, CPK managed to score at 13′ by Chong (10) giving some time to the team to regain confidence, but CPK still cannot play well, the team seemed to be heavy and tied, with players not moving well. At the interval, coaches did their job, and the second half CPK changed the attitude since the very beginning and Lam Ka Seng score the second goal at 46′. Chong scored his second goal at minute 59, Diego scored at minute 62, and Vini scored at minute 69. The final score was 5 x 1 for CPK. Check the match summary.

Lessons from tonight’s match, CPK cannot start any match as tonight, otherwise it will waste the chance to dream higher in this season, and when CPK play as a team, defending together, talking to each other, attacking and passing the ball in an organized way, we become very strong and competitive.

Well done guys, coaches and fans!!! Today’s result puts CPK at the top of the table.  Come on CPK, we must keep working hard, we must train more and more and especially we must COME TOGETHER! A break for the CNY and then we need to think about the next match! GO GO CPK! CPK Power must keep ruling!!


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