TAK CHUN KA I 0 vs. 3 C.P.K.

The third match of CPK in the Liga de Elite was against an well known opponent: Ka I. As usual in this season, there is something missing for CPK at the first half. The team was not playing bad, and controlling the ball more than the opponent, but this control was not translated in opportunities to score, and Ka I, which was playing heavily at the defense, had the best chance to score  due to the inattention of our midfield. The first half ended 0x0, then at the second time, CPK made efficiently use of the free kicks. First, Ronaldo received a long pass from Bruno, entered the area but was knocked over by Ka I’s goalkeeper. Diego scored the penalty kick at minute 61, Bruno scored a free kick at minute 71, and Victor scored the third goal at the last minute, also in a free kick. Check the summary of the match.

Observation from today is that CPK need to adjust faster to the opponent at the beginning of the matches. CPK Power must be present since the first whistle of the referee, we should be able to read the opponent’s strategy faster and then CPK can explore the full potential of the team.

CPK  reached an important result and CPK stays another week at the top of the ranking. It gives some tranquility for coaches and players to have a good preparation for the next match against Monte Carlo, which is one of the direct rivals for the first position.

Go Go CPK! CPK Power must rule!




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