KEI LUN 1 vs 3 C.P.K.

C.P.K. faced in this round another renewed team: Kei Lun, which signed with several well-known players for the Liga de Elite 2017. Kei Lun scored quite earlier at minute 24 of the first half, and C.P.K. did not seem to have strength to fight for a better result. Even though C.P.K. controls the ball, the team was not objective and the first half ended with the advantage of the opponent. The second half started, and C.P.K. still holding the ball, but not been enough effective to draw the match. The time was passing when the persistence to keep trying and not giving up was rewarded. Ronaldo scored the equalizer at minute 79 and the turn around on minute 90, and Lam Ka Seng still find time to scored the third goal at the extra time (90+2′). Tonight C.P.K. did not play well, but they believe until the last whistle, and won 3×1. Find the complete summary.

This was not a good match played by C.P.K., but today we added a new ingredient to C.P.K. Power, and it was persistence. Come on guys!! Enjoy the result, take a good rest and be ready for the next match!! C.P.K. Power should keep ruling!!!



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