CPK 0 vs 4 Benfica

A painful score for CPK, that did not translate fully the story of the match. In several moments, CPK was able to control and pass the ball, showing a vertical attitude towards the goal. Unfortunately CPK seems to miss a physically stronger player in matches like these. Of course, Benfica explore its game with strong strikers and many times they just connect directly the ball to the attack with minimum number of passes. Another point of the experienced Benfica is the number of faults they did to stop the match, and therefore giving time to reorganize their defense, with the benevolence of the referee. Benfica scored two goals at the first half, but using a corner kick and a free kick. Probably the match was decided already at the end of the first half, since Benfica could play in the second half the way they like the most which is waiting for the opponent and using the counterattack. Then Benfica scored two more goals, the last one is a reward for their young attacker but it was a punishment for CPK which played well against the most professional team in Macau. See the full summary here.

The very important improvement of CPK in this season is the attitude, in the matches CPK was not playing well, we did not give up and we could turn around the result. Today, against a team that train everyday with full team, CPK did well, played an intensive match, never gave up, believed every moment  and showed the value of every player.

Could you imagine if our team was able to train together more frequently, where we could go?

Go go CPK! There are many matches to come, and should keep believing!!!



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