C.P.K. 2 vs 0 Policia

As expected CPK won Policia, and keep targeting the top of the table. Policia used to make tough matches against CPK, and this one was not different. CPK started with a different formation, but still controlling the match. CPK lost a penalty kick, and the first half ended 0x0. At the second half, there is not much change about the ball possession, but Policia started to counterattack and almost scored with a nice long kick that hit the post. CPK scored at minute 53 by Ho Ka Seng, and Diego scored at minute 85, giving the final score of 2×0. And the game ended in a depressing way with a generalized fight. The Policia, who already lost one player due to a red card (yellow card accumulation), lost two more while CPK lost one. After all controlled, there was only time left to hear the final whistle. See the complete summary.

Three more points for CPK, another lesson learned after this match and we should prepare for the next match.

Go Go CPK! CPK Power must rule!!


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