C.P.K. at 2017 Nike Cup HK

CPK joined for the first time “THE NIKE CUP – HONG KONG FIVE 2017 ”. The competition is organized by The Hong Kong Football Association, sub-vented by Leisure and Cultural Services Department and sponsored by HONG KONG NIKE.

加福                           0 :3  HKIEd Old Boys

HKIEd Old Boys  3 :1  鄒北記 (C.P.K.)

鄒北記 (C.P.K.)      3 :1  加福

At the end, HKIEd Old Boys got 6 points, 鄒北記 (C.P.K.) 3 points and 加福 no points. Therefore HKIEd moved to the next round. Dino Kou with two goals, one in each match, was the best player of C.P.K. in this tournament.

Go Go C.P.K.! Now in futsal or in 5! C.P.K. Power rules!

Source (logo/banner): http://nikecup.nike.com.hk/index.html and https://www.hkfa.com/en/load_page/364.


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