C.P.K. 7 vs 0 LAI CHI

The first match of the second round showed an elastic score at the end. CPK needed 10 minutes to warm up and understand that Lai Chi will play defensive and try their luck with a counterattack. But their strategy started to ruin at 14′ when Ho Ka Seng scored the first goal, then at 16′, Victor headed a corner kick and scored the second, and at 42′, Vini scored a nice third goal to CPK. The first half ended 3xo. The match was resolved and CPK kept looking for goals. Diego at 63’and 68′ (pk), then Leong Tak Wai at minute 82’and 90′ gave the final score: 7×0. Click here to see the summary.

The next match was transferred since the development has an important match, but the new date was not confirmed yet.

Come on CPK! It is a good time to train together and be ready for the next match! CPK Power must rule!


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