Senior Division: CPK 1 vs 1 East Start

The third game of CPK ended as the first two: a draw, but with different score: 1×1. In the first half, the opponent controlled more the ball due to the speed of its midfielders, but our defense played well. Unfortunately, in the only sharper chance, the opponent did 1×0. But after the goal, the opponent slowed down, and the first half ended 1×0. In the second half, the opponent seemed tired, then the possession of the ball passed to CPK, that lost two clear chances before Eric scored after Frankie crossed the ball. The game became open, but despite CPK had created good chances, the final score was 1×1.

The pessimists will say that we did not win yet , the optimists will say we did not lose yet, but CPK Seniors will just say we are having fun !! Just wait for the next match.

Go go CPK! For fun and of course for winning!


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