CPK 2 vs 1 KEI LUN

CPK faced Kei Lun looking to regain the second position. Despite the usual difficulties to play against an organized and tough team, CPK had important absences and injured players. However, it could not be an excuse for a team who aims to be at the top of the table. With a different structure, allowing the opponent to control more the ball, CPK fought from the beginning till the end, with few worries at the back, with a ball at the bar, but still losing quite good chances at the attack. CPK scored with Ronaldo at minute 11, after a corner kick by Bruno. Then Kei Lun hold the ball, but the hard work of the midfield blocked most of the chances. The first half ended with CPK in advantage. The second half started, the opponent’s pressure continued and unfortunately, in one of the few mistakes, maybe the only one, of our defense, they found the draw. Then here appeared one of the improvements of this season, part of the PCK Power, the CPK resilience, the team did not give up looking for the win, and CPK started to look for second goal. We missed two chances until a goal that will not allow any critic to comment it was a lucky or an individual goal: Bruno started with a long pass to Vini, then to Diego, then to Wai (Eduardo) then to Vini and finally Ho Ka Seng scored the goal at minute 78, that put CPK back at the second position. Still time to lose two more chances, but the most important is the 2:1 at end of the match. For the complete report, cllick at summary.

Such good feeling after a match like this. Time to enjoy the result and to recharge, then move the focus to the next match. There is no easy match at this moment. However, we can make them easy if we play like a team!

Come on COK! Keep the commitment, keep the focus, keep aiming the top of the table. It is time for sacrifice and be united!

Let’s go CPK!!!  CPK Power must rule!!!

If you want to watch the match click at: (Goals: Ronaldo at 11′ and Ka Seng at 78′)


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