Aiming to keep at the top of the table, CPK faced the most professional and the best team of Macau League. It is a very important match where the win may result in the championship, a lost may give it to Benfica and a draw may give it to Monte Carlo. As expected Benfica controlled the ball but CPK was able to articulate some counterattack. However, from minute 20, the match turned to be a attack-against-defense match where Benfica lost several clear chances. When the first half was coming to the end, a simple throw-in started the play for Benfica’s first goal. For a team looking for the championship, players should not have this lack of attention, and the first half ended 1×0. The second half started, CPK started to play better, and got several chances, but was not able to win Benfica’s goalkeeper. On the other hand, Henry and the defense were playing solid and keeping the hope for CPK to draw, until the opponent had a penalty kick. With two goals advantage, Benfica used all experience to make the time pass and the final score showed 2×0. Click here for the match summary.

CPK still have chances for the championship, but no longer depends on itself. However it is not time to give up, and we should keep fighting until the end to emphasize the very positive year. Still the Macau Cup to play. CPK Go go go!!

For the very positive side, CPK’s Soccer School players, Under-18 players and friends had showed up to support CPK. It is becoming common to see more and more fans of CPK, and it is very motivating for all CPK team and staff. Thank you very much for your support!!



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