Macau FA Cup: Kei Lun 4 vs 3 CPK

The last match of CPK for the 2017 Season was against Kei Lun for the Macau FA Cup. Not much to say about the match except that the opponent showed more motivation to win the match. After a good start and even scoring first by Lam Ka Seng at 13′, CPK suddenly fell in a deep inertia allowing Kei Lun to score three goals in 11 minutes, with the first half ending 3×1. For the second half, Kei Lun started very early to hold the result but with a change in the attitude, CPK fought back, with Ho Ka Seng scoring at 53’and 78′. CPK seemed to regain the control, but another silly goal just at the following minute of CPK’s third goal, gave the advantage again to the opponent, then no more soccer was possible. Congrats Kei Lun!

At the end of the Cup and League, the top two did not change their positions, with Benfica winning both and Monte Carlo as first runner up. CPK had the advantage to be third at the League, and Kei Lun got the third at the Cup. Congrats to all!!

Now it is time to rest. CPK had ups and downs during this season. More ups than downs. Keep the ups to motivate for the next season, learn with the downs to improve for the next season. Come on CPK!! Go go go! CPK Power should rule!


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