Macau FA League and Cup: Final remarks.

The final remarks of CPK for the 2017 League and Cup.

  1. At the final ranking, CPK got the third place, probably regretting losing unexpected points. But the distance for first place showed a great improvement this year.
  2. At the Macau Cup, CPK ended at the forth position.
  3. CPK had marked its presence at Macau FA ending ceremony for the 2017 League, with the presence of Diego Patriota among the 11 best players of the League. Diego was chosen the third best player. Congrats Diego!
  4. Lam Ka Seng was chosen the best U-23 of the League. Congrats Ka Seng!
  5. Henry Lo appeared as the third best goalkeeper. Congrats Henry!
  6. Finally, Macau TDM Desporto (in Portuguese), had chosen the Top 5 best goals of the Macau League, with CPK having two representatives, Diego as Top 4 and Bruno as Top 1.  Click here to watch all goals (start at minute 28’40”).

CPK congratulates Benfica and Monte Carlo for such great season. CPK congratulates Kei Lun for the third place at the Cup. CPK congratulates all teams for their efforts during the season.

CPK would like to thank all CPK fans! Your support is very important for us, believe it!

Congrats CPK players and coaches!

Now, CPK focuses at “Bolinha” (7-aside) Competition, aiming to promote the team to the first division. It is not easy, but CPK is ready for the challenge. Go Go CPK! CPK Power must rule!


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