CPK keeps working hard to reach his main objective. After winning the Development for the Macau Cup, tonight CPK played again with them, but for the League. CPK started focused to  avoid any surprise, and the goals came: Vini suffered a penalty and Diego scored at 7′, then Bruno at 16′, then Ho Ka Seng at 32′ and Diego again at 40′. The first half ended 4×0, and the expectation for more goals at the second half. The second half started, the intensity dropped, probably because of the high temperature, but still losing some chances, until Bruno scored his second, and the fifth to CPK, at 52′. CPK lost few other chances, when the Development team scored its goal at minute 62′, after some lack of attention during a corner kick. The final scored showed 5 vs 1. See the full summary here.

CPK moved up to the top of the table. Next match CPK will face Benfica looking for maintaining the first position. This week is a very important week, and hopefully our players understand the importance of a better preparation for the most important match of the season.

Come on CPK! Work hard! Let’s believe CPK Power will rule until the end of this season!!

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